We are GTG!

Glob Trans Group sp. z o.o. is a Polish company active on the transport market since 2006. We owe a fleet that is well organised and ensures the realisation of diverse jobs, that is why we effectively provide transport and forwarding services in Poland and EU countries.


Our company’s mission is to safely deliver goods to the target location and maintain the highest service standards. Every job is carefully analysed to select the most optimal solution that is to shorten the waiting timer for goods.

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Our competencies allow us to meet the expectations of demanding Clients. Due to greatly equipped, modern base we are ready to take the challenges that are too demanding for our competitors.

Stable company

We are a family company with a stable position on the market that is not led by random people, which often happens in large companies where the management board changes all the time. We independently create the long-term development plans and we are able to quickly react to the Client’s needs.

Modern fleet

Our modern and diverse fleet allows us to provide services at the highest level. We complete jobs that other companies regard as hard to realise, that is why we stand out in the industry of transport and forwarding services.

Latest IT technology

We have an IT systems that makes it easy for us to organise the transport of goods and supervision over its realization. In a quick and easy manner we can check the availability of our fleet, select the best option for transport of a particular type of goods and determine a viable date of completing the job.

Services tailored to the needs

We provide services for individuals and all kinds of companies regardless of their size. Thanks to the aforementioned TI system and individual approach to all Clients we are able to tailor our services to particular needs. At the same time, we make sure that the process of filing an order and reception of goods engages it to the least degree.

Availability and mobility

In our company we follow a “just in time” philosophy that influences the increase in effectiveness of the forwarding process. We take only purposeful actions that lead to the timely delivery of goods.

Experienced team

Our employees are experienced and engaged professionals, who are concentrated on completing the given tasks. The transport and the whole logistic process in their hands goes smoothly and in order with all types of safety requirements.

  • Stable company
  • Modern fleet from Scania
  • Constant GPS monitoring of vehicles
  • Latest IT technologies
  • Services tailored to the needs of our Clients
  • Availability and mobility
  • Experienced team

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